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About Our Products

Our amazing acrylic powders are handmade with love in the United States and are mixed with only top-notch ingredients. We guarantee not only your satisfaction, but also a wonderful experience with working with them! 

Any monomer of your choice – as long as it is an EMA product.

This product lasts from 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the usual factors such as nail growth, the production of natural oils etc. The duration is variable, but the results always the same: Your nails will look amazing! 

YouTube classes are available in English on The Nails Queen channel. They are also available in Spanish on The Nails Queen Español. 

About Us

That’s easy!

To create a positive environment that inspires other ladies out there to love and respect themselves from within, to never lose touch with reality, and to spread that love and respect to others.

Having fun by nurturing our creativity and coming up with new ideas to design and decorate nails with class and femininity is part of a woman’s natural touch. But we’re not about promoting vanity. We have to remember that everything on this earth vanishes, apart from that which truly matters: The quality of our inner self.

The bottom line is that ethical values are way more important to the company than material or financial value. That’s why we strive to bring splendid grace to everything we do and in the process celebrate the enormous impact we as women have on our society.
Nails aren’t just our business – it’s something that brings us together.